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BNI East Midlands currently has six chapters; three are in Lincoln, two are in Nottingham and one just on the outskirts, along with core groups in Stamford, Grantham & Nottingham

Business networking events in Lincoln are held at different locations on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday with two being breakfast meetings and the other being a lunchtime meeting, this provides businesses in Lincoln with an excellent range of choices.

Networking events in Nottingham are held on Wednesday & Thursday, with different times and locations, offering opportunities for most tastes.

All businesses have different drivers that dictate the optimum time to go business networking, sometimes it's logistics sometimes it is personal circumstances. This is why groups meet on different days and at different times and venues.  The more diverse the opportunities, the more likely it is that there will be a networking group that that suits your requirements.

Weekly meetings allow strong business relationships to be developed, these relationships are at the core of success in BNI. There is time before and after the meeting for open networking, discussing upcoming opportunities and progress. This is also the 'shop window' where visitors are invited to attend a meeting and see how BNI works.

Members are encouraged to have 1 to 1 meetings that are designed to foster the development of strong relationships. The more someone gets to know you, the more likely they are to develop knowledge of your business and trust in you. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to refer business to you and vice versa.

Power teams are groups of businesses that have a synergistic relationship can form powerful alliances and create more dynamic opportunities. Regular meetings between power team members help to develop understanding, trust, knowledge and support.

Training events are held in various ways which creates the maximum number of ways for members to attend: webinars are perfect for attending in small groups, after the weekly meeting means that members don’t have to travel, area events where members are more likely to meet members from chapters across the region.

Of course there are also social events, these are sometimes individual chapters, sometimes regional, but they are a chance to meet on a more informal basis and get to know the person rather than the business. The regional events, in particular, allow members to meet people from other areas who may represent businesses different from the ones represented within their area. Developing these relationships creates greater awareness of synergistic opportunities, ways to foster collaboration that might not otherwise develop.